A Tribute to Grand Mothers
Happy as a lark
Sometimes I’m just a sorrow sparrow
It’s that bird’s eye view in my heart that’s a killer
Contrasts I constantly observe that disturb
While in the North West the sun may be shining bright
In the South East the view is ominous
With a disturbing dark cloud!
Amidst the musical clutter
Of the Royal Dolton china
Over a high tea they relax on a patio
Sipping Earl Grey and Jasmine Delight
Grandmothers of North America
Rejoicing, boasting about their gifts from God
Ecstatic at the sight of smiling innocence
Describing the warm cuddle of their grand children
Like fresh petals
Their beauty unscathed by the roughness of life
Latest achievements of these children they compare
Each one outdoing another
Like the first word Jason spoke
Or how my Amanda has now learned to crawl
Did we enjoy our own children as much?
They wonder
Not really, we were too busy just raising them
How fortunate as grandmothers we all are!
While our children deal with dirty diapers
Bag packs, cribs and strollers
Boxes of books and tons of toys!
We get to relax for these are our golden years.
Now that we’re no longer entangled
Into mashing potatoes and preparing formulas
We have the luxury of this pleasure at our leisure
“Once upon a time we too paid our tolls
For the blessings bestowed” proclaims one of them
We still continue to extend our helping hands
Constantly contribute to nurturing
But enjoyment has now become our rightful blessing! 
Play with them --then hand them over
After all we’re the modern grandmas
We need time for our weekly blow dry’s at the salon
And what about the opera or theatre we mustn’t miss!
I say “Whatever time we spend with our grand children
Is to be appreciated by our children
So, here’s a toast to all of us Grandmothers”
Everyone cheers but one becomes sad and sorrow
It’s that sparrow
With a bird’s eye view in her heart!
“Do you know who we should be proposing a toast to
And paying a highest tribute?” she expresses
Everyone suddenly curious and attentive
“Let’s not forget about those Grandmothers
Who have lost their off-springs to that Monster!
The deadly virus!
Just think, an entire generation has been wiped out!
With aching limbs and fatigued bodies
Wrinkled women are now landed with the responsibility
Who else will raise these ‘left over’ children
Not to mention the burden of grief they carry
From two miles away they must fetch water
For these naked orphans with pot bellies
Whose lives are void of toys!
Prone to disease
With respectful awe and awareness
Everyone stands up to propose a toast
We do salute you and pray for your strength
For you are truly Grandmothers!
The Grand ‘Mothers’ of Africa
A pros poem by:
Zohra Zoberi