A Valentine Dance
The Theme--
Love and Romance
Color Scheme--
Red and White
With carnations and candles tables adorned
Warm ambience, soft music
His arms lovingly circling my waist
Eyes filled with passionate affection
At a signal as though
The world of fortune he would bring for me
“Lady in red is dancing with me...”
My favourite song played on...
A quick swirl he gave me
Spinning the dim lights
Like the distant thoughts circling my mind
'The most romantic couple of this evening is....'
........ the music suddenly seized
Drawing everyone’s attention
Our names were being announced as the winners!
Wrapped in glitter and glow
With innocent guilt I received the prize
Our steps well coordinated
Posture perfect
We may have seemed well poised to others
What about the dance floor of life?
Must I always dance to his tune!
Stepping down from the stage
With scepticism I shook the gift box
As though it was empty inside!
Zohra Zoberi