“Rugged in appearance
Otherwise I’m quite fragile
Centuries old now, but even in my youth
As though I was senile
Family and friends around me
Were afflicted with this pandemic too!
Our children and great grand children
In their struggle to survive
Got to play with Klash n’ Cove
Ordinary toys were not their joys
Girls we protected in cozy covers
In search of the right path
I’m still in the dark
Holding hands with you could have led us in the right direction
Children would have followed
And escaped the scattered nails & planted mines
How can I welcome and celebrate!
Your supersonic arrival
The equipment you brought
But the necessary maps
And the directions you forgot!
I’m devastated to discover
That even in the prime of youth
You’ve become blind
Was it the Power that intoxicated you so?
In this frigid cold
Must I wait for another century!
Grow more senile
In the hope that
At least your blindness would some day be cured?”
Zohra Zoberi
February 20, 2008