Against the Wind
Clad in ‘their’ attire presently in vogue
Carefully choosing words in ‘their’ language
I’m now perfectly at home
In my chosen home!
Throughout the luncheon I’m listening
About the cropped ears of his dog
About the forty dollar monthly cost
To get a manicure for her pet!
I’m listening
About their trip to Vegas
The gambling casinos
String bikinis they bought
Healthy tans they got at the California beach!

Virgin Mary, Bloody Caesar and Molson Light!
They laugh heartily as they propose a toast
I join them too
Forwarding my glass of ginger ale!
I’m perfectly at home
In my chosen home!

Barbecued pork chops
Liver pate
And that delicious duck cooked in white wine!
Corners of my eyes at work, my palate accomplished
I tell myself ‘boiled fish is healthy too’
Of course I’m at home
In my chosen home!

Why this exhaustion then?
Is it the pace,
Or is it that extra mile I must go
in order to be on even grounds?
I do and I dare;
Contribute my share
Considered to be an accomplished individual
A mentor
I am at home in my chosen home!

At the end of the day I say my prayers
Habitually I flip the corner of my prayer rug!
Seemingly a meaningless gesture
I pause…think…and smile
It’s what has been ingrained into my system!
I put on my kamees shalwaar and turn on the sitar
I am TRULY at home
In my own home!

Zohra Zoberi