Eternal Child
Unspoken, unfulfilled
The infatuation of younger years
Never had to endure the aging process,
Wishful expectations, nor any disappointments
This precious pearl intact inside its shell
Immersed itself into the mysterious depths
Of an ocean unknown, the sub-conscience
Mind and heart in a deep romantic combine!
Love at the age of maturity in contrast
A complete journey of fulfillment
How powerful, frequent and fragrant at the onset
Are the moments of ecstasy in the ‘Happily Ever After’!
As the cycle of mundane keeps rolling
‘For Granted’ paves its way and settles in
Love’s wisdom lines becoming visible
Through its ageing process limbs fragile
Hurdles harder to overcome at times
What if craving for ‘Once upon a time’ takes a hold!
Unexpectedly emerges from the ocean
The eternal child that never grew old!
Coming to rescue
Through intricate memory lanes
How tensions are eased
Inner being starts smiling too!
As though this innocent child is helping the old man
Cross the bridge once again
Wisdom flirting with simplicity
Mature love still, un-faltered!
The two shadows then slowly distance and disappear
Into the evening light of the golden forest
Zohra Zoberi