Trying to recover from a recent encounter Ugly!
With a friend once cherished!
Freshly bruised emotions, I’m wide awake
The baby next to me, fast asleep
Gently I caress her silky soft hands
Counting dimples at the back of her tiny little fingers
How vulnerable she can be I reflect!
For now we all protect her
For the rest of her life,
She’ll have to safeguard herself!
How innocent we are born
Society shapes
Circumstances mould us
In what we become as adults
Still under a shock, I’m trying to analyze
A man of such dignity and honor
What high regard I held for him
Catching my vulnerability off guard
How he assumed he could take advantage!
Mountains of respect he managed to bulldoze
Within seconds
Bullying into my dignity and honor
Instantly stripping him self of decency!
In a forceful attempt to attack my emotions
He invaded my freedom of choice
Repulsive were his hands
Ugly became his face 
As I toss and turn looking to the side for some comfort
Holding her soft little hand in mine
Wiping my warm tears I caress her milky face
Such serenity she encompasses -- I’m envious
I hope and pray for her
Taken back in time
Memories of other harassments begin to surface
From childhood through adolescence
Yet this was most repulsive of all
For this creep wouldn’t take a ‘No’ for an answer!
In the dim night light
She opens her big beautiful eyes, looking into mine
Void and vacant in contrast
Drawing comfort from my very presence
How she secures it by placing her tiny leg on to mine
Falls asleep again
Her innocent breathing, sweet and aromatic
In contrast to that creep’s, recollections keep haunting me
Deep breathing so repulsive!
Ugly attempts to convince and lure me
Spitting out blatant assumptions, compliments most ‘insulting’
Should I have punched him in the gut?
Slapped him on the face
Pushed him out of the house or called the police?
What do you do to such a dear friend?
Doesn’t he know?
What makes such encounters legitimate?
Are two consenting adults!
That delicate emotions can never be overpowered
Merely by physical strength
It works the opposite way!
Whispering his pornographic fantasies!
Casting bates of compliments
What if I run into him again?
How do I shut him out, off my life
Somewhat relieved at a ‘Narrow Escape’ I wonder
To his failure how would he react?
Could forgiveness ever be possible?
Would I eventually begin to even empathize?
That he may be lonely and starved
A product of the society ‘Dysfunctional
That has shaped him so?
Could such a ‘fatal attraction’ ever be sincere in its root
Why couldn’t he exercise restraint?  Why?
I hold her close to my heart once again
Waiting for chamomile tea to finally take effect
Praying to God
That she never has to go through
Sexual harassments!
Zohra Zoberi
July 2008