In my grey Prism I traveled
Below the speed limit
Upon the highway of life
Confidence crumbling
Weather miserable
It was raining, inside and out!
Windshield blurry, visibility poor
I had lost my way and gone astray!
In your black Intrepid
Suddenly you re-appeared, overconfident
Slowed down and signaled me
On the exit ramp
A large colorful map you pulled out
Highlighting the route for me
Our destination was same!
Energized, I merged into the fast lane
Side by side we drove, exchanging smiles
The weather had cleared
Deep blue sky, fluffy white clouds
The roads were washed, air was clean
But then…!
With a sudden swing 
An unexpected turn you took
Not even a signal, or waving a good bye!
Shocked at first
But with a flash of swift thoughts
And fresh determination  
I pressed the accelerator
Over-speeding at first
Then decided to set the cruise control
With full confidence I zoomed along
Towards a different direction altogether
With a permanent sigh of relief


Zohra Zoberi

Revised March 10, 2008