Joe’s Garden
In twists and twirls
He trimmed his trees and twigs
Into perfect shapes and forms
Day in and day out
Tirelessly he toiled.
Every now and then he would stand afar
Glance with pride to admire
His own creations!

From across the fence I watched with envy
How green was his grass compared to mine!
His trees bore lot more fruits.
Much more vivid than mine
The colors of his flowers
Ostensibly so
Forever fresh his evergreens too!

Overlooking his backyard
From my window I often noticed
A bed of roses permanently parched
Had Joe no time to nurture it
Had he inadvertently forgotten it
Or perhaps given up trying to even revive it

Suddenly one his wife placed a sign
‘For Sale’ it said in red
His lonely child was crying outside
Joe had left his home
In search of a new rosebud!
Now I find, I must mind
My own business
Mend my fences and water the yard
To keep my own pastures green!

Zohra Zoberi