Language Power
Is it a nod of submission,
Full- fledged agreement or simply a compromise?
It all depends how it’s expressed
Twitch of your nose may express utter disgust
Combine it with happy eyes and a smile, the implication is different!
Raising of the brows expresses surprise
Combined with rolling eyes
It could become a criticism too!
A salute may be sarcastic or purely genuine
How tight is the handshake, may define
If it’s formal, cold, or filled with genuine warmth
A host need not spell displeasure with your presence
You just know when you’ve overstayed your welcome
Jealousy concealed deep down at times may seep through one’s eyes
Excitement too has a way of oozing out       
French, Urdu, Spanish or Swedish
Learning a language may take ages
Body language however, just a basic instinct!
Through body language you may make a sale
Create a lasting impression
Looks can be deceiving or inviting
Is this woman sleezy or classy? Was that gentleman confident or not?
Why is a child more drawn to one than to another?
Expression of love needs not another language
Act of sex can be just for physical fulfillment, void of emotion
Or ultimate expression of passionate love
Admiration reflects through happy eyes
Sadness scatters itself on one’s face, may even extend well beyond
Ironically, even trying to control the expression at times
Message may still be communicated!
To enhance this skill is quite possible
For this may surpass any other style of communication!
No matter how powerful and expressive Body Language may be
It still begs the ability of perception
And interpretation by others
Zohra Zoberi
March 25, 2009