living in fear

With a sudden jolt a major fault occurred

Our world got split in two!

Gravity pulls us

To the half we don’t wish to belong

Would the other half come to rescue!

Accept or reject

Latched on to a cliff we’re dangling in the air

The depth of this crevasse is unknown

How deep will be the fall?


Fear of flying, fear of dying

Of ageing, losing a friend or losing one’s job

Are familiar to all!

Difficult to comprehend is a form of fear

Much more widespread


A nation alienated, lives in constant paranoia

Its faith hijacked by some

Stereotyped by others

Hanging in fearful suspense

Millions of peace loving folks

Misunderstood, often ignored and out of the picture!

Of their plight others unaware

Or don’t seem to care    



Zohra Zoberi

Feb 25, 2008

Zohra Zoberi
Bridging the Gap
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