Organ Trade
It requires physical removal of the actual organs
Third world organs of less expensive beings
Mysteriously make their way
Into the first world bodies more expensive!
However ugly certain aspects of this trade may be
With each offense
At least someone’s life is being saved
It’s when there’s no physical removal necessary
That the mass trade takes place and thrives
In its abstract form it’s more destructive
Brilliant minds of the have not’s
Masterminded by those who exploit
Purchased and fondled in bulk for next to nothing
In exchange for food and shelter as a fvour!
With brain Contamination wrongly termed as Brainwashing
Sadly occurs the deadly destruction on both sides
And the entire humanity
Traders of this business
From the third world and the first
Are well disguised
As some of them play the role of victims rather well
.......................zohra zoberi  April 13, 2009