Recipient of the Top Award for 2008 from the Mississauga Arts Council (Emerging Performing Arts) This play was staged at the Hammerson Hall of the Living Arts Centre and played to 1000 audience!

The divorce rate in North America is now reaching an alarming 50%! No wonder more and more couples are settling for common law relationships. Domestic disputes are on the rise. Why and how do people fall ‘out of love’! How do we achieve marital bliss? Happily Ever After can no longer be assumed.

‘Questionably Ever After’ highlights the problems married couples are facing.  Issues that are common to all as well as challenges specific to immigrant couples.

What happened to the ‘Happily Ever After’?  Hence the play titled ‘Questionably Ever After’highlights the problems married couples face.

Questionably Ever After


Roger's Interview of Questionably Ever After

This was a research based script, intended to raise awareness in the community. The Project was partially sponsored by the Ontario Trillium Foundation. This play has educational value as it debates (through a Marriage Therapist’s office) problems ranging from boredom to infidelity, inter racial issues, as well as marital problems the immigrant families are facing. A multi cultural cast of 25, this colourful play has now been published into a book form.  In line with Bridging the Gap’s mission of ‘Enlightenment through Entertainment’ We also presented the ‘Magic Formula for Healthy Relationships’

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