The Accomplished Hands
Destiny lines in an ambiguous embrace
Wild imagination in need to be tamed
Redirected it can still travel far
Towards the unknown horizon
Hand in hand we zoom along
Playing my favourite song
My fingertips tactfully trace
The outline of your hand
From one finger to another, around your thumb and its curve
Reaching the end that touches the wrist
Your pulse I purposely avoid
Sunshine shimmers, butterflies flutter

With the tip of my forefinger I go
Over the ‘arteries’ of your palm
Your lifeline so well defined
One that tells about your heart, mysteriously curved
That which conveys your mind is fairly straight
Fingertips of my perception are also at work
What great feats have these hands accomplished?
What about the significance
Of what’s being achieved this moment
For many have failed to hold these deserving hands
A short lived opportunity
The innocent destiny lines attempt to seize
That binding press that reaches the heart and tells
Much mileage could still be covered
Your right hand is in my hands
And the left is still left!
At this ambiguous embrace
The ‘Platonic’ stares in the face

Zohra zoberi, September 14, 2009