The Deserving Hands
Poor in Pursuit
I’ve been rich in Restraint
But my heart is now in my hands!
What have I not done with these two little hands?
Butterflies and lady bugs I caught as a child it’s true
Exams I wrote in my youth that’s a fact
With just a few strokes I signed my life
Into the hands of another!
To adorn these with painted nails and diamond rings
Within the four walls of my Castle
No stones were left unturned!
This Cinderella mopped floors and cleaned toilets
Massaged feet of her loved ones
With skilful stroke of finger tips, transformed fabrics into garments
Planted flowers, frozen fingers even shovelled snow
Oh those pots and pans and Mr. Clean in my hands!
With these two gadgets of mine
I’ve bandaged wounds, patted shoulders
Counted pennies during tough times
Clinched these into tight fists to curb my own anger
Then resorted to raise them in prayers!
I even acquired skills
To shake these hands with total strangers
In a manner that would clinch business deals
Often more profitable to others!
With these same two hands
To win medals I’ve played games
Games of fidelity too
These fingertips adapted to modern technology
Through my poetry, plays and painted portraits
I captured moments of pleasure and pain.
All the while in toil
Through tasks interesting or chores boring
I was tuned in to music, only in the background though
After all I added aesthetics to my own dance
And to the dance of life
But when I listen to music now
These hands have a nagging craving
To be gently held by someone in tune
Who truly understands my personality
Beyond superficiality and physicality!
Who I truly am and how I’ve come thus far
Someone who has never raised voice on me nor ever will
It’s not the temporary pedestal that I need either.
I know it’ll never be
It’s just a fantasy
But my heart is now in my hands
And butterflies perhaps out of reach!
Zohra Zoberi  Feb 15, 2009