The Temple
How I marvel
At this unique temple you’ve constructed
In it I worship every day
Yet I continue to discover more and more
I love the way you’ve created
Room for joy and room for sorrow
In solace and in company
For meditation and creation, jubilant celebration
It’s exterior, appealing to some
To others, nothing special
How this sacred temple has weathered all weathers
Hurricanes & tornados
At times even completely snowed under
But for the most part,
Blessed with brilliant sunshine
Having escaped all invaders
Despite its ageing signs and fading colors
To me this Monument is monumental
Its very construction intriguing and exciting
Raising constant quest and curiosity
I am absolutely in love with this temple
Those who find out,
May use the term ‘Narcissist’
Call it a character flaw in me
But it’s through this weakness of mine
That I’m able to truly humble myself
Love you dearly
And appreciate all other unique temples
Which  you continue to create! 
Zohra Zoberi
April 16, 2008