Time Theft!
With a click of my finger it begins
Twenty or thirty! Why not just one or two?
How can I delete without perusing
Messages electronic from friends I love
Articles from individuals I must not miss
That’s how it really begins
Loved ones wanting to share
Personal photos twenty or thirty!
Why not just one or two?
Perhaps I’ll miss the best ones
So I begin to open a few
That’s how it really begins
Then there are those
Engaging me in fruitless discussions
Petty arguments, sometimes just small talk
Grumbling, complaining, and insisting on responses too!
That’s how it really begins
How about those
Making false promises and not showing up
And that door to door delivery of newspapers cost free
Bombardment of magazines and flyers!
How many can I possibly read in one day!
How many headlines should I ignore?
Valuable time spent
Perusing and deleting
Discarding and disregarding
That’s how it really begins
I could have spent reading only by choice
Creating by instinct
Listening to music
Or simply enjoying
Being lost in my own fantasy world!
It’s not just a theft of personal time
That of cyberspace, and of healthy environment too!
One last request with respect
How about being somewhat selective?

Zohra Zoberi May 3, 2007