Intricate mechanisms inside our body so amazing
Think of the little gadgets
Of the inner ear alone
Installed with such minute canals
With floating particles seemingly insignificant
Yet, helping us balance our bodies
Day in and day out!
Keeping us from tumbling or falling flat
How we take it for granted
Assuming our ears are meant just for hearing
Or ignoring for that matter!

Only when certain ability is taken away
Do we appreciate its true value!
Be it a virus or another disorder
Disrupt those particles out of specific spot
Block their passage to freely float
You’ll end up with…
How swiftly your world starts spinning
All goes haywire
Nature’s ‘back up’ system though
One may marvel at
When one ear is out of function
The other takes over the extra burden
You just have to learn to counter act
To achieve your balance once again!

Similar are our negative thoughts when constant
Floating in the mysteries of our mind
Causing the imbalance
In this case the nature’s backup system
Is at the tip of our fingers!
The brain power, the memory bank!
One may learn to counter act
Each negative thought with a positive one
To stop spinning or falling flat
Avoid the Emotional Vertigo
Stabilize and realize
Blessings that abound and surround us
Zohra Zoberi