Wheels and Spikes
Wakeful nights
Painful thoughts
Sweet memories of childhood
Melting into harsh realities
To be accepted, like it or not
His sturdy helmet
Shiny motorbike
One powerful acceleration and off he went
Innocent children watched with pride!
How strong was the father figure!
Bringing us presents
Taking us to school
Helping us with homework
A well of knowledge
A source of strength
Mazda and motorbike
Transformed into a wheelchair now
What big spikes, what huge circles
But a vicious cycle!
Aching limbs and fading memories
Gazing in the air
Silenced voice, yet sending me messages
From thousands of miles
Method of survival
But a built in system
Counter thoughts summoned to console
In the darkness of the night
The mind has miraculously shifted itself
Into pleasant thoughts
Beautiful babies bouncing around
Bursting with energy
A source of delight
How tears got combined with smile!
Challenges on their own
Much harder to bear
If perceived in combination
With blessings bestowed
Suffering dilutes itself 
Taketh with one hand
Giveth with the other
Sweet and bitter
Strong and week
Young and old
Life and death
Its sorrow and pleasure
Denial and acceptance
Counting it all in pairs
Consolation overpowers disturbance
Acceptance over denial
Temporary over permanent!
At least for now 
Zohra Zoberi
March 13, 2007