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Zohra is the Artistic Director and Founder of Bridging the Gap Productions (a non-profit organization) with a mission of “Enlightenment through Entertainment”.  She writes prose, poetry and plays—in English and Urdu.  Zohra has received recognition awards from the Governments of Ontario and Canada for raising awareness of social issues through her award winning socio dramas staged to capacity audiences in the State of the Art facilities in Mississauga.    

Latest publication ‘True Colours’ –From the Universe to the Inner Mind, is an eclectic collection of prose poems launched on July 2012 *See Booklaunch. Having travelled to 36 countries around the world, Zohra has painted the picture of our world on a vast canvas. True Colours has received rave reviews as well as media coverage. *See reviews 


Literary Publications        Zohra Zoberi C:\Users\oWNER\Pictures\Martys Awards 2011\Martys Nomination 2013\who is who logo.jpg

Book: True ColoursFrom the Universe to the Inner Mind collection of 95 prose poems published in Canada Feb 2012 by IOW See Book launch coverage and Reviews  

Anthology: Canadian Voices: short stories. Story: ‘Tribute to Grand Mothers’ (see recital with visual effects on you tube:  btgorg or Zohra Zoberi)

Anthology: Canadian Whispers (2010) 3 poems were included in the publication ISBN:

Anthology: South Asian Review (USA) Literary Publication.  Play ‘From a Widow’s Closet’ published staged at 2009 Multi- Cultural Mosaic Festival in Mississauga See Review

Anthology: Canadian Voices: short stories. Story: ‘That Deadly Exhale’ by Zohra Zoberi.  Published in Canada by Bookland Press (2009) you tube: Zohra Zoberi

Book:  Questionably Ever After Two award winning staged plays – inter-racial and inter-cultural relationship issues Published by: In Our Words Inc., December 2008 (156 pages) Toronto, Canada.Clips on website zohraz.com   or you tube www/btgorg (Bridging the Gap Org) 

Pasand Apnee Apnee (staged play in Urdu in 2005. Received Government of Ontario recognition award)

‘Prison in Paradise’ published in South Asian Review (a US based literary magazine)          Stage reading with an open mike discussion at the Masonic Lodge in Streetsville (2011)

‘A Hungry Mouse’ a short story published in a Bank Magazine (Union National Bank, United Arab Emirates)

‘Kala’ (Toronto based literary magazine) published several of Zohra’s poems over the years.

Articles written and presented in public forums:

‘Divine Perspective on Human Rights’ presented at full day conference on Human Rights by the Universal Peace Federation (December 1, 2012)

‘Dignity of Women’ presented at a meeting of the Women’s Federation for World Peace where the author was the guest speaker (2010)

‘Can Faith Enhance Marital Relationships’ presented at a meeting of Women’s Federation   also (2011)

Literary Awards Zohra Zoberi 2013  C:\Users\oWNER\Pictures\Martys Awards 2011\Martys Nomination 2013\who is who logo.jpg

Woman of Courage Award (2012)                                                                                                                               6th annual gala awards by the organization Endless Possibilities recognized outstanding women in various categories such as Medicine, Social Work, Police Force. Zohra won in the category of Literary Arts – presented her ‘Three D Formula’ of success for women

Ambassador of Peace Award (2012)    The Universal Peace Federation recognized Zohra for promoting peace and inter-cultural and inter-faith harmony through her poetry, plays and public speaking forums.

Literary Arts Award (2011) The 17th Annual Gala awards night that celebrated outstanding artists from Mississauga and Peel Region.  Zohra was the only female winner in all fourteen categories – all other winners were males!

Writers Forum – (2008) at York Library Zohra was amongst various authors who received awards for ’25 Years’ Service to Literature’

Other Awards 

Top National Sales Award won a GM Sports Car – Highest sales of Mutual Funds RSP’s in all of Canada (CIBC Branches)

Service Excellence and Sales Effectiveness Award          Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

Two Gold Medals All Nigeria Open Badminton Championship games -- Zohra represented her University: The University of Ife, Ile-Ife, Nigeria

Bridging the Gap Group Awards

Best Performing Arts Group Award (2009) Bridging the Gap won the Best Performing Arts Group award, Zohra being the Artistic Director.  She was also the writer and producer of this play Questionably Ever After   Governments of Canada and Ontario recognition awards for raising inter-cultural awareness of social issues

Performing Arts Group Award (2008) Bridging the Gap won the Finalist Award from the Mississauga Arts Council for the staged play ‘Window Shopping …for lasting love’   Again the writer and producer of the play Zohra

She has appeared on TV and radio interviews in Canada, USA, United Arab Emirates as well as in Sweden. Through her spoken word on many a venues she continues to make her mark. On August 2012 her stage appearance at Celebration Square in Mississauga was applauded by a crowd of 4500 audiences – as she combined her traditional poetry recital with a Rap Band—delivering her powerful message: “Keep your Internal Flame Eternal”.

On December 1st, 2012 she was invited as Guest Speaker by the Universal Peace Federation to talk about the ‘Divine Perspective on Human Rights’. *See photos

Memberships and Affiliations:

Writers and Editor’s Network
Writers Forum (York Library)
Friends of the Library (Mississauga Library)
Canadian Federation of Poets, Oakville Chapter
Women’s Federation for World Peace
Universal Peace Federation
Endless Possibilities

facebook page:  Zohra Zoberi’s True Colours



Zohra has appeared on Radio and Television interviews in Sweden, Nigeria, Abu Dhabi UAE and Canada. She was recently interviewed by a U.S. Television channel in Buffalo, NY where her plays were also aired.

  • Charter Member of Writers and Editors Network (Toronto)
  • Board Member Vision and Literacy International
  • Zohra has been actively reading at various poetry festivals of Canadian Federation of Poets, Oakville Poetry Allianance in Mississauga and Toronto. 
    see photos
  • Zohra is excited that excerpts of her memoirs (not yet published)as well as a few poems have recently been translated by the University of Romania to be included in an anthology for publication.

Through the power of pen and people, we can make a difference. In a world of disintegration and disarray, we must join hands and promote integration and acceptance. Stereotyping is dangerous for it will unfairly alienate many. Once you bridge the gaps ‘Diversity is a definite plus’.
Thanks to all our members. Without the keen participation of highly talented professionals and artists Zohra could not have accomplished the above tasks.

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