Wrapped in red and white stripes

Dignity and Honor

A star amongst stars!

About him a nation once divided

In opinion and perception

Now unanimous in conclusion

Saying goodbye with gun salutes

As history completes yet another chapter


On the contrary

In defeat and defiance is a rugged face

As the loop gets tighter one hears

Angry slurs and slogans 

One more life terminated with sighs of relief!

About him

A nation once united

Now completely divided in disarray

Turmoil and turbulence

What contrast we see in the manner

With which the two statesmen were bid farewell


Democracy or dictatorship

Dignity or disgrace

Organization or chaos

Education or lack of it

Were those the only causes of such contrasting ends?

Is manipulation part of the big picture too!



Zohra Zoberi   January 8, 2007


To Gerald Ford and

Saddam Hussain


Zohra Zoberi
Bridging the Gap
Enlightenment through Entertainment